About Burton Studio


Our communal studio workroom is a place for research, experimentation, instruction, and collaboration. Within this environment our team explores the notions of purity, clarity, and identity in every project. We draw inspiration from great works of design, literature, and art and continually refine our methodology to yield the best possible solution for each of our commissions.

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Design Solutions

The products of our design process respect context, value resiliency, and promote a tailored response for every endeavor. We are invigorated by developments that challenge our expertise and creativity as we shape enduring public and private spaces that anticipate future demands. Burton Studio's body of work is visible throughout the Americas, Asia, and the Middle East.

Our Team

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Meet Our Team

Burton Gallery

Burton Studio has long been known for its support and integration of public art, including sculpture, mixed media and fine art elements in its projects. By establishing Burton Gallery, the company has developed relationships with artists and craftspeople working in multiple mediums such as metal, concrete, glass, fiberglass and bronze. This highly skilled assemblage allows Burton Studio to specify unique, site-specific works, including fountains and custom fabrications. These details individualize projects and add richness to the overall design. In addition to specific project art, the Studio’s in-house gallery displays fine art painting, drawing, sculpture, and photography for inspiration.